Many of Education International’s member organisations are already engaged in activities designed to promote and defend the quality of the education services in their countries. Whether it is in campaigns for better salaries and conditions for teachers, better pension arrangements, more planning time, improved teacher training, continuous professional development, better curricular support or better school environments and facilities, member organisations are campaigning for better quality education, because all of these elements contribute to better quality education.

Working in partnership with the many organisations of parents, students and others, which support better provision for quality education, Unite for Quality Education will succeed in putting quality education, publicly funded and accessible to all, at the top of both the national and international agendas.

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Unite for Quality Education is a campaign of Education International (EI), the voice of teachers and other education employees across the globe. Join the 30 million members EI represents (through its 400 affiliated organisations in more than 170 countries and territories) to demand that quality education for all remains at the top of the agenda for a sustainable, peaceful and prosperous future.

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